Size: 12.5mm 
Material: Sterling silver, eco friendly resin
Hand picked from: Edinburgh, Scotland
Luxury packaging with information card about the dandelion seeds

Captured within crystal clear half spheres are a pinch of Scottish dandelion seeds. I have then mounted these onto sterling silver earring posts which lay flat on the earlobe for an effortless yet enchanting look. 

As a child growing up in Scotland, I spent many warm summer mornings "hunting" dandelion seed fairies and keeping them in little jewellery boxes and trinkets, giving each fairy a name. I like to think each little dandelion seed collected now is full of magic and mystique with a different purpose for each person who captures one. Dandelion is also known for its healing properties and its beautiful seeds are called different things by many people in Scotland such as wishes, hairy men and hairy witches. 

Real dandelion seed sterling silver resin stud earrings



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