Exclusive Sterling silver jewellery

Silver hedgehog necklace £45

Silver hedgehog earrings £40

Rose gold plated hedgehog silver chain necklace (18k) £50

Rose gold plated hedgehog earrings (18k) £45

Hummingbird necklace, silver and hand-painted enamel £60

Hummingbird earrings, silver and hand-painted enamel £45



Bumblebee sterling silver necklace £50

Bumblebee rose gold plated necklace (18k) £55.00

Silver stud earrings £35.00

Rose gold plated stud earrings (18k) £35.00

Rose gold plated bumblebee ring (18k)-silver band- adjustable £35

Sterling silver bumblebee ring-adjustable £35


Highland cow necklace rose gold and silver £60

Highland cow necklace sterling silver £50


Sycamore necklace silver and gold plated (18k) £60

Love heart necklace sterling silver £65


Running fox sterling silver necklace £80


Running hare sterling silver necklace £85


Origami polar bear sterling silver necklace £70


squirrel rose gold and silver earrings £45