Good Vibes Rose-Quartz Cord Necklace

Our contemporary gemstone collection combines the healing properties of crystals & a circle symbol of vitality to create modern jewellery for everyday.

The inspiration for this collection began with a desire to create jewellery that helps positive energy flow. Fossilised minerals in crystals are believed to contain several healing properties, allowing you to take 'Good Vibes' with you wherever you go'

Rose Quartz: The stone of universal love, peace and friendship, is perfect for emotional healing, promoting self love and encourages a deeper connection with friends and family.

Every necklace in our gemstone collection includes a healing crystal combined with a gold circle (natures symbol of vitality). These are strung on natural fine silk cord and finished with a filled gold clasp and ring.

Each necklace comes in a unique card wallet, keeping packaging to a minimum whilst still creating a lovely gift. We use eco-friendly FSC card.

Rose-Quartz Cord Necklace