The Romance Bath Shot is an experience. It gently releases a sweet scent of rose, patchouli and sandalwood. Rose petals adorn the bath leaving you feeling relaxed and in luxury. Rose Essential Oil hydrates your skin, reduces stress & is known as nature's aphrodisiac! Patchouli Essential Oil soothes inflammation and moisturises the skin. Sandalwood Essential Oil can relax muscles and cramps whilst relieving stress & restlessness. Epsom Salts & Himalayan Salt are both great for aiding sleep and due to the high levels of magnesium they are well known for helping reduce pain & relaxing tense muscles. Himalayan Salt is also said to reduce stress to help you get ready for a deep restful sleep. ​This specially blended bath shot has been designed as the ultimate self care or together care treat.
Made in United Kingdom

Romance Salt Shot