This balm embodies the ritual of self care, infused with aromas that take us back to nature and with ingredients that allow the skin to nurture itself back to health

Created with gentle and effective rescue in mind: nourishing rescue for dry skin and aromatic rescue for tired emotions.

It can be used in multitude of ways including:

to target and eliminate localised dry skin patches on the face or the body (dry elbows, chapped cheeks, dry knees, ragged cuticles etc)

to deeply cleanse the face - use as a cleansing balm and remove with a hot cloth

as an aromatic mood lifter add a small amount of balm to a bowl of just boiled water and inhale the therapeutic aromas, or apply to pulse points at your desk and deeply inhale

100% vegan.  In a luxury heavy glass jar with bamboo lid, that make beautiful keepsake items when empty

Organic Sandalwood Nourishing Salve with argan butter & benzoin



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