Extra-Large Geo Towel

Designed in London our Extra-Large Geo Towels completely covers a sunbed. It's super absorbent and folds up to the size of your paperback book. Sand and debris don't stick meaning that pesky stuff stays where it belongs.

200 x 90 cm - 78 x 35"


  • Lightweight & Compact - Huge laid out - Folds down small
  • Absorbent – Soaks up 3 times its own weight in water
  • Quick Drying - Dries three times faster than a regular towel 
  • Sand Free – Sand shakes right off
  • No Odours - Won't collect damp smells 
  • Double-Sided – Our signature geo-print on one side and solid colour on the other
  • A Handy Loop – For easy hanging and faster drying

Extra Large Beach Towel Green