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All the dried flowers in this bouquet are grown and handpicked on our flower farm.

Our bouquets are intended for commercial resale and are ready to go straight onto your shop floor. The dried flowers require no watering and are very low maintenance.

This colourful bouquet has been put together with a wonderful range of natural dried flowers, it’s then wrapped carefully with Kraft Paper as a final touch.

Featuring blue, purple and pink larkspur, yellow craspedia, bearded wheat and wheat.

Our dried flowers can keep for years, simply store away from heat, moisture and direct light for prolonged life.

To get the most out of our products avoid storing near heat, moisture and direct light.

Shelf life varies from product to product, they're low maintenance and easy to store, no need for watering.

Delphinium and Wildflower Petals
Store for 12-18 months

Rose and Hydrangea Petals
Store for 3-4 months

Preserved Roses
Store for up to 12 months

Dried Flowers
Store for up to 12 months, but dried flowers can keep for many years.


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