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Strong Hold with a high gloss finish.

This high shine hair styling Pomade offers a strong hold for medium/thick hair. Contemporary cool with a hint of nostalgia providing sculpted definition and a brilliant finish. Just the ticket for creating a range of super glossy styles from bad boy Outsiders quiff to duck-tail teddy boy and straight up pompadour.

The fragrance is subtle and sophisticated combining verdant wood notes, warm spice and a spike of citrus.

Keeping A Stiff Upper Quiff Regardless.

Quantity: 100ml / 3.4fl.oz

Using forefingers scoop a small dollop of Captain Fawcett’s Patent Pomade from the tin. Warm by rubbing briskly between the palms of the hands before smoothing through clean towel dried hair. To avoid greasiness, begin with a small amount of Pomade and experiment to find what works best for you. Depending on thickness of hair and desired style, you may wish to begin with the underside of your locks. If needed, use a tiny quantity to bring rebellious strands into line.


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