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Our Amethyst Crystal Bracelet, is made with real crystals and brass beads. Amethyst is believed to have a calming and soothing energy, perfect to help reduce stress and anxiety. Wearing an amethyst crystal can help to activate and balance the energy in the crown chakra, whilst promoting calm, balance and peace.

This beautiful and meaningful piece of jewellery combines the power of natural gemstones with the natural hypoallergenic properties of brass which are said to boost the immune system and help eliminate toxins in the body, complementing the energy of the Amethyst gemstone.

Overall, this Amethyst Crystal Healing bracelet, is a spiritual and stylish bracelet that twinkles as it catches the light. It can be worn every day to soothe away daily stresses and help purify the mind of negative thoughts.

Length 17 / 19.5cm


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