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As featured in Country Homes & Interiors Magazine.


A timeless, medium sized candle, a treat for you and your home or a thoughtful gift for a fellow candle lover :)


Hand-poured in 180ml amber glass jar with a gloss black screw top lid, with a natural cotton wick. Containing 150g of natural soy wax scented with the Baked Rhubarb + Spritz fragrance. Presented in a labelled, kraft candle box.


Approx. burn time 35hrs


Sweet rhubarb, fresh from the oven with refreshing elderflower, mint and lemon.

The BAKED RHUBARB + SPRITZ scent has a sparkling, fruity scent inspired by the deliciously homemade. Nestle this one on your kitchen shelf.


(box 73 x 73 x 90mm and candle glass 64mm x 83mm)



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